LEXPO | Malaysian Legal Expo
In Brief
The Malaysian Bar Council initiated an exposition as a special project for it’s members. Through close collaboration the name of the event was called LEXPO. (Lex is latin for Law). The purpose of the event was to highlight to people that there are many career paths with a law degree.

Our process began with us asking our clients and friends who were from the legal industry. We discovered they had somethings in common. Firstly they all wanted to do uphold justice, help people. Secondly, popular television series such as LA Law, Law & Order, etc pushed them. We took the meaning that the ‘heroes’ in the popular fiction was the ideal that they saw.

Popular fiction also depicted the ‘palaces of justice’ having strong roman pillars like the The Maison Carree. Hence our inspiration for the event mark. By distilling the form of the pillars down to vertical and horizontal strokes, we managed to create a refined mark.

Next, utilising the ‘superhero’ concept from our survey, we developed a main visual for the event. Eventually, five heroic characters were born:- The advocate (lawyer), the law educator, the judge, the corporate leader, and the enforcer (detective etc). The idea was to inspire, yet keep the characters anonymous enough for anyone to relate to. 


Project date
March 2016

Michael Goh
Angel Oo

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